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the benefits of doggie daycare

Owners are so busy at work that their four-legged friends don't get the stimulation and attention they need and deserve. Trips to daycare give the dogs an outlet for their energy. Let's not forget that the dogs have a great time, which helps relieve an owner's guilt. It's a definite win-win for owners and their pets.

Some dogs need human interaction outside the home to help deal with behavior issues like separation anxiety. Coming to daycare helps build a dog's confidence through interaction with other people and dogs.

Most of all, it appears that dogs coming to daycare feel better. They're given the opportunity to express themselves in an atmosphere that reinforces good behaviors and encourages them to develop a group of dog friends outside their own home.

"I've been grooming dogs for over 30 years and have to admit I was very surprised to see the difference daycare makes in the dogs that come to our facility. I knew they would have fun and go home tired because she sets them up to have fun and they love the cookies! However, I have observed that they begin to develop a sense of self-confidence that they didn't have in the beginning and some necessary independence from their owners even though they are happy to see them at the end of the day. They often arrive at the door scratching to get in before "Mom" can even make it up the stairs! I see how happy it makes those owners to know their dog is so excited to get there.

"Most of all, I know that those dogs are alot more safe out there in the dog world because they have learned in a safe environment how to relate to all dogs - big and small. They learn how to approach a strange dog and when to leave it alone. I guess you could say they learn the language of dogs and it protects them in situations out in their world. We have a responsibility to these dogs and their adoring owners and are devoted to their welfare and making sure they are all having a great day. It's no wonder that there's always a gang of puppies following our staff to see what's up next!"

— Kathleen Huston