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doggie daycare

the interview requirement

Pet owners are invited to call and make an appointment to meet us and see the facility. To be accepted into daycare, dogs must be evaluated for temperament and we must determine the play group best suited for them. Dogs are grouped by size, personality, and/or special needs.

No dog can simply be dropped off without first going through the interview process. We need to ensure that your dog comes on a day that is best for all the dogs. We will schedule extra time to introduce new dogs in a constructive way so that everybody has a good time.

"Our little Westie boy Tweek has been going to daycare at All Breed for three years now. Taking Tweek to daycare has helped our relationship with him and with each other. At daycare, Tweek gets to play with his friends and get lots of exercise, so when he gets home, he can relax and so can we. Tweek's a lot better behaved since starting daycare, and that has really helped our marriage! Anyone who is debating whether or not to send their dog to All Breed should see how excited Tweek is to get in the car on daycare days. We feel so fortunate to have found a safe, fun place for him to go when we are working... All the people and animals at All Breed bring tremendous joy into Tweek's life and ours. Thank you so much for all your hard work, we love you!"

— Emilie Patton and Patrick Harvey